Go! Blended

MHC is proud to offer you the chance to use the world’s most advanced blended-learning platform as experienced by 50,000+ satisfied students, 500+ global trainers and 300+ corporate clients in 130+ countries worldwide.

Combine face-to-face or virtual lessons with our state of the art, award winning, cloud-based language learning platform.

Benefits for Students

  • Constantly evolving stimulating content
  • Learners able to progress at own pace
  • Course customised and needs-driven
  • Relevant, specific and flexible materials
  • Innovative and varied holistic lessons
  • Learning tools: flashcards, lesson reports
  • Dashboard analytics and progress data
  • Email task reminders and auto-calendar sync
  • Fun vocabulary and grammar learning games
  • Archived lessons and lesson summaries

Benefits for Companies

  • Sophisticated quality control system
  • Monitor student satisfaction and progress
  • Export data to measure objectives and targets
  • Visual analytics to view and assess data
  • Optimised ROI – reduce admin and costs

Simply, there is no better or motivating way to learn a new language!

Read more about Go! Blended in our info brochure:

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