Corporate Business Language Training

Management English

  • Presentations, discussions and small talk with clients
  • Negotiation and diplomatic language
  • Conducting job interviews
  • Writing business reports

Office English

  • Email correspondence and telephoning
  • Customer service and small talk
  • Organizing business trips and meetings

Go! Blended

Combine lessons with our state of the art, award winning, cloud-based language learning platform.

  • Sophisticated quality control system
  • Monitor student satisfaction and progress
  • Export data to measure objectives and targets
  • Visual analytics to view and assess data
  • Optimised ROI – reduce admin and costs

All about Go! Blended: MHC Go! Blended.pdf


Additional Languages

MHC offers native speaker trainers for 28 languages

Western Europe: German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, and Spanish

Central and Eastern Europe: Albanian, Bulgarian, Greek, Croatian, Macedonian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovakian, Czech, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Hungarian

Asia: Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Hindi, Japanese, Korean, and Persian (Farsi)

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English meetings phrases964.73 KB
Telephoning + Email phrases998.47 KB
German business phrases996.62 KB
Russian business phrases1.03 MB
Förderungen479.65 KB
Language Audit166.75 KB
Anglo-EU Translation Guide271.99 KB
School Intensive Course182.18 KB
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Go! Flyer - Hungarian554.04 KB
Go! Flyer - Russian599.98 KB
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Go! Flyer - Portuguese561.12 KB
Portuguese meetings phrases974.27 KB
Portuguese business phrases1019.24 KB
French business phrases1000.69 KB
Italian business phrases1 MB
Slovak business phrases1.05 MB
Spanish business phrases1003.9 KB
Spanish small talk phrases987.09 KB
Cambridge certificate courses267.6 KB
Presentation skills193.33 KB