Henkel Slovensko, spol. s r.o.

Dear Mark,

As I do every autumn before a new language course begins, in recent days I have gone through the evaluation of and test results from last year’s courses with the HR department. After seeing the outcome of the 2012/13 courses, I consider this a good opportunity to thank you for the achievements of our collaboration in recent years.

Since deciding to use MHC as our preferred partner for language courses, we have already booked roughly 100 courses (both individual and in groups) with them and have consequently provided training courses for nearly 500 of our colleagues in 10 different languages.

Our internal assessments show that we achieve the best results with MHC; this is clear from both our colleagues’ evaluations and their test results. As a consequence, MHC has gone from being one of our partners to becoming our most important partner for language training over the course of the past years.

I would like to thank you in particular for the excellent quality of the language trainers. The number of training courses that you provide for us has grown considerably – far beyond the amount that we had expected when we first started working together – and we are always particularly surprised at your ability to constantly find new, high-quality trainers for our courses.

Providing services for all European branches of Henkel from Lisbon to Moscow, our Shared Service Centre has rapidly expanded from c. 330 employees 2.5 years ago to over 1,000 members of staff today. It is especially in this regard that the language courses from MHC have contributed significantly to our success: the same degree of success would simply not have been possible without MHC’s linguistically top-qualified trainers.

As a result of experiencing the quality of your services in Vienna, I am delighted that we were able to become one of your first business partners in Slovakia when you opened a branch of your company in Bratislava a few years ago, and I am also delighted to be able to further increase our close cooperation with you there.

We still have lots of plans in the field of Shared Services in Bratislava and will continue to need a reliable partner for training courses in even more languages than we already provide today.

Rudolf Steger
General Manager Henkel Slovensko